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 Board of Directors & Staff 


Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette
Chair of the Fund Development/Granting Committee
Spring Gala Planning Committee Member

Bernadette was born and raised in Pelkie. After living in the United Kingdom for a number of years, she returned to the Copper Country and reclaimed this community as her home.

In addition to the PHF, Bernadette is very passionate about the area's youth. She is an advocate for youth education and programs/projects that promote overall health and wellness. "I believe in the PHF because it will have a huge impact on this community that I love so much." Bernadette, stated. "I am privileged to be a part of it."

Bernadette spends her time during retirement traveling; enjoying her cabin along the shores of Lake Superior; and spending time with her family. A little known fact about Bernadette is that she is quite the accomplished vocalist and was part of the Pine Mountain Music Festival's opera chorus for Carmen and the Children of the Keweenaw.


Roger Helman, J.D., CFP
Vice Chair Person
Chair of the Personnel/Operations Committee

Roger moved from Oxford, Ohio, to Houghton when he was 10. He claimed that at the time of his family's move he thought they were moving to the Arctic. He still states that his initial thought was right.

Roger lived outside the area for college (University of Michigan) and law school (University of Detroit), and practiced law in Bloomfield Hills and Harbor Springs for five years before moving back to Houghton
in 1999 to raise a family.

Roger has been assisting clients with estate planning matters for 20 years. He opened his law office in Hancock 12 years ago and continues to be a visible and active member of the community.

"I am involved with the Portage Health Foundation because it gives me the opportunity to give back to the community. Raising four children with my wife, Allison, has given me a perspective of what is needed to make our area an even better place in which to live. I sincerely aspire to do just that. The Portage Health Foundation is in a unique position to make a difference, and I am very enthusiastic about the possibilities." Roger said.

When not working or volunteering his time and talents, Roger enjoys time spent with family on the water, in the woods, on the ski trails, on the golf course, and at the beach… and otherwise enjoying all that the Keweenaw has to offer. "I also cherish spending time with my parents in Chassell, and attending all of the sporting events and concerts in which my children compete and perform." added, Roger. "I am a very proud father."

Roger played golf for the University of Michigan as a freshman, but quickly realized that it was either the links or the library. When asked why he stopped playing golf in college, Roger responded, "I had no aspirations of playing golf for a living. Which is good. I acquired the putting yips after college and can't make a 3-footer to save my life."


Tim Baroni
Chair of the Finance/Investment Committee

Not only is Tim well-known for enjoying and sharing great food, he is also a well-regarded leader in our community. Tim has called the Keweenaw his home for over half a century and has been involved in many facets of it during that time. After running the family business for over 20 years, Tim pursued his interests in finance and investing and was hired as the Community Bank President of Range Bank where he has served for the past 10 years.

Tim's capacity for service to the community seems endless as does the list of service clubs and governing boards on which he has served. His love of the community, and the passion that he brings to his service to the community is an incredible asset to the PHF. "We have an incredible opportunity to do 'good' for our community." Tim said. "Everyone that serves the PHF organization recognizes the potential and has embraced the obligation we've made to best use these assets."

When not working and volunteering, Tim can be found enjoying his "camp" up north with friends and family.


Michele (Lahti) Blau, MS
Member of the Fund Development/Granting Committee

Having worked for IBM for the past 19 years, Michele has held a number of positions including Application Developer, Project Manager, First and Second Line Manager and is currently a Delivery Executive for IBM's Financial Service Sector, supporting IBM's Outsourcing Accounts in the banking and finance industry. In addition to her work with IBM, she and her husband own a number of small businesses in the area.

After earning her BS degree in Electrical Engineering and a MS degree in Business - both from Michigan Technological University - Michele and her family moved away for approximately eight years, returning in 2004 to reside in Hancock.

Michele and her family are active in the community and contributes a great deal back to it.


Terry Kinzel, MD
Member of the Fund Development/Granting Committee

Terry's grandfather moved from the Copper Country in the early 1920's as the mines began to close to work in the car factories of Detroit, thus, years later Detroit became Terry's birthplace. However, when Terry began the path towards his medical education, he returned to the Copper Country and attended Michigan Technological University and then the University of Michigan where he earned his doctoral degree in medicine. Following an internal medicine residency at Michigan State University, Dr. Kinzel returned to Hancock where he has since lived.

Dr. Kinzel's career has spanned many of the changes in our local health system's history. Originally he worked at the Portage View Hospital and Copper Country Mental Health. He has worked with Portage Health's long term care program since finishing his Geriatric fellowship in 1980, and has served as the Medical Director of PortagePointe since its inception. Dr. Kinzel is still very active in medicine and maintains a part time hospitalist position at UP Health Systems Portage, in addition to his continued role as the Medical Director of PortagePointe and his work with Copper Country Mental Health.

Dr. Kinzel stated that he feels fortunate to be involved with the Portage Health Foundation. "I believe that in an affluent society such as ours we are morally required to give back to the community some of our surplus." He said.

Dr. Kinzel will often be found reading, but he also dearly loves walking, bicycling, kayaking, cross country skiing, taking saunas and entertaining friends. He also has a strong passion for land-preservation and renewable energy initiatives. In fact, Dr. Kinzel has produced all of his own electricity on-site since 1992.

Dr. Kinzel has always contributed in modest ways privately, but the opportunity to utilize his medical background and share that perspective on the Board of the Portage Health Foundation is, in his words, "thrilling."


Jeanne Kurtz
Member of the Fund Development/Granting Committee

Jeanne was born and raised in South Range, Michigan and following a short period of time during college and employment elsewhere, Jeanne returned to the Keweenaw Peninsula in 1977. Most people, locally, will recognize Jeanne as she had enjoyed a long career as one of the area's leading real estate agents before retiring in 2008.

Jeanne, like so many others, has been an active and vocal member of our charitable community. She has served a number of local organizations and has been involved with the Portage Health Foundation for many years. "Being involved with the foundation is a wonderful way to contribute to our community." Jeanne said.

Jeanne moved back to the Keweenaw because of her love and participation in outdoor activities including; hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing. She is passionate about the Upper Peninsula park system, forests, and Lake Superior. When Jeanne worked as a VISTA Volunteer on Washington's Olympic peninsula, she rode her bicycle over 1,000 miles, much of which was through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

As the PHF seeks ways to improve and enhance access to our natural resources as a way to promote health and wellness, Jeanne's passion and experience will provide a voice for such initiatives.


Paul Ollila
Member of the Finance/Investment Committee

Paul has been a visible part of the Keweenaw for what seems like forever. He has served the community in a variety of ways and the community's best interests are at the heart of each of his decisions. Paul retired from the education system as the Copper Country Intermediate Schools Superintendent. His success as an administrator is attributed to his ability to look at the bigger picture and find ways for collaboration and win-win outcomes for all involved.

Paul, like many other members of the Board, has served the foundation for many years. He is a staunch proponent to ensuring the obligation of the board to govern the foundation with integrity and transparency as each decision has been at the forefront of our discussions and decisions.

"The Portage Health Foundation has a great opportunity to impact the health and lives of people in the four-county community in ways that have never been available before." Paul emphasized. "We need to focus on all aspects that influence the "health" of our community and look for innovative and progressive programs/services that will address our community's needs."

Paul added that although there will be many challenges as we look forward to supporting this great community, that the Portage Health Foundation needs to stay focused and energized by the fact that there are far more opportunities before it as well.


Brent Peterson
Member of the Finance and Investment Committee

Brent is well-known for his prowess on the hockey rink, and after a successful career in the NHL, he and his family returned to the Copper Country in 2004 to make this their home. Brent remains active in the community as businessman (financial advisor), coach, sports commentator, and philanthropist. Brent gives of his time and talents and has served with a number of charitable community organizations and youth hockey teams. "I enjoy the area, the people, and the quality of life this community offers." said Brent.

Brent's passion is for his family and hockey. He will tell you that he is happy for the opportunity to raise his family in this community, but he will also speak of his passion for coaching and mentoring and ever-present stream of up and coming young hockey players.

Brent, like the other members of the PHF Board, recognizes the opportunity to have a real and lasting impact on the community. "We have the ability to bring our community together on issues that need to be addressed." Brent concluded.


Ann Clancy-Klemme
Member of the Fund Development/Granting Committee

Ann Clancy-Klemme has worked as a registered nurse for almost thirty years. She currently works for Valley Med Flight as a Critical Care Flight Nurse/Paramedic, Intensive Care Nurse and Educator for UP Health System-Marquette. Not only has she invested her life’s work in helping people, but she is passionate about volunteering. Throughout her career as a registered nurse, flight nurse, and Emergency/Trauma Care provider, Ann has traveled on several different occasions to volunteer on medical missions to foreign countries – most recently to Nepal following the catastrophic earthquake in April 2015. Ann is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking and skiing.

Ann recently joined our Board of Directors after serving on the Fund Development Committee for the past year. Her input and medical background presents a unique perspective to the Portage Health Foundation. When we asked Ann why she volunteers and wants to be a part of the Portage Health Foundation, she said, "I believe in giving back when you can. I hope that as a registered nurse, I can bring some degree of understanding into some of the difficulties people face in our community related to healthcare needs. Also, I want to be a part of an organization working toward positive solutions in the community."


Kevin Store
Executive Director

Kevin was born and raised in Ontonagon, Michigan and moved to the Keweenaw in the late 90's with his family. He is a life-long resident of the Upper Peninsula and is committed to do what is in the best interest of our community. With nearly 20 years of senior non-profit administration experience, Kevin brings a unique perspective and a great deal of understanding of the challenges that face non-profit charitable organizations to his role at the Portage Health Foundation.

His work experience has involved working with adjudicated youth; establishing vocational education and job training programs; developing and operating work programs and business development for adults with cognitive impairments and mental illness, and collaborating with many state and local human service agencies to provide care to those in need. Most recently he was involved with Portage Health Hospital's management team and has a great awareness to the pressing health needs in our community.

Kevin has been an active volunteer in the community. His leadership is not limited to his positions of employment and have included many community volunteer positions including:

President of the Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Committee Chair of the Main Street Calumet Economic Restructuring Committee, Rotarian Club President (Paul Harris Fellow), Transportation Chair Region 13-A Rural Task Force, Chair of the Copper Country Regional Consumer Council, Chair Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Child Development Parent Advisory Council, Member of the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, and a Member of the Copper Country Human Services Coordinating Body…to name just a few.

When asked why he became involved with the Portage Health Foundation, Kevin said the main goal is to make sure this community asset is used to address and solve the systemic problems with which our community is challenged. "We want to solve problems and build community assets that will truly impact the lives of all those who live here. " Store, said. "Our success will not be determined by who does or does not receive financial support. It will be determined by whether or not we have been able to help make our community a healthier more vibrant place to live."



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