The most recent weather event has caused disastrous results for several communities
throughout Houghton County. Many people - both near and far - are seeking a way to contribute to local relief efforts.

The Portage Health Foundation Board of Directors has approved a restricted fund be maintained for the 2018 HOUGHTON COUNTY FLOOD RELIEF FUND..

For donors seeking an official conduit to contribute to relief efforts, the Portage Health Foundation has offered to serve in this capacity. Acting as the fiscal agent, the Portage Health Foundation Board has approved the creation of the Houghton County Flood Relief Fund and will receive, record, hold and disperse all monies contributed to this fund in a manner that is deemed appropriate by the PHF Board of Directors with input from the Houghton Count y Emergency Response leadership . All monies contributed to this restricted fund will be used for the distribution of humanitarian relief and recovery efforts of the Houghton County Community during this most disastrous weather event. Distribution of the monies , in the event Federal Disaster declaration has been made and federal aid is made available, will be used to help offset non - federally covered expenses for municipalities, citizens and other relief efforts as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors wit h input of Houghton County Emergency Response leadership to return our community back to pre - storm conditions.