Mission Statement

Philanthropy can play many roles within the community. Here, at the PHF, we are more than a charitable organization that receives and gifts monies. We believe that we can be a change-agent in our community as we work to expand and leverage the financial resources in order to affect change in our community's healthy lifestyle landscape. We know that as a gifting organization that we have an obligation to be deliberate and expect a return on the reinvestment made back into the community. That is our obligation to the community - to steward the assets we manage with integrity and with deliberate consideration on how the use of these assets will best influence and be most impactful in our community.

Vision Statement

  • to be a catalyst in promoting and improving the overall health of our community through health education, research, preventive and wellness initiatives, mentorship, and improving access to care while collaborating with other community partners, stakeholders, and contributors to make the healthy choice and easy choice

  • to be an effective change agent in the community as we work to expand and deploy capital, align and engage community resources, and build capacity and enhance service provision within the community

  • to be a reputable community leader that is recognized for its integrity, character, and commitment to the community and its citizens

  • to be a responsible steward for the community assets which have been entrusted to us


The Portage Health hospital system originally established the Portage Health Foundation (PHF) in 1990. It was the intention that the PHF would provide a pathway for community support and donations to flow into the hospital and support many healthcare offerings for the benefit of the patients receiving care.

Over the next twenty years, PHF supported several key capital purchase initiatives at the hospital, which included contributions to the Dialysis, Oncology, Audiology, Community Health and Wellness, Cardiology, Diagnostics and Imaging, and Rehab Departments. These capital contributions strengthened the hospital system's ability to meet the health needs of the community.

In December 2013, LifePoint Hospitals acquired majority ownership of Portage Health hospital.  As a result of this sale, PHF—who received the proceeds from the sale of the hospital—was converted from a hospital foundation to a 501(c)(3) charitable community organization whose mission is to support the charitable health needs of Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon counties.  PHF has invested the capital assets from the hospital sale for the perpetual benefit of the community.  Through charitable grants and other forms of reinvestment, PHF gives a portion of its investment-earnings back to the community each year.

Portage Health Foundation Logos

Below you will find the Portage Health Foundation logo. If you would like this logo in a different format, email communications@phfgive.org

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