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July 29, 2020

How to Make the Best Quinoa & Fresh Herb Salad - Biblio Bistro E2

We’re back with episode two of the Biblio Bistro. This episode highlights a delicious salad you can easily replicate at home after a quick stop at any of the Copper Country’s amazing farmers markets. We’ll be making a Quinoa and Fresh Herb Salad.

  • “That’s really good!” – Chef Michael
  • “It’s perfectly balanced!” – Dietitian Meghan

About Quinoa & Fresh Herb Salad

This plant-forward dish is a great gluten-free pasta salad alternative and is also completely vegan. This dish is a dietitian’s dream—it is a good source of protein from the quinoa and sunflower seeds; packed with fiber from the avocado, kale, and sunflower seeds; and abundant in antioxidants from the fresh herbs, kale, and avocado. The fresh herbs and lime juice/zest make this the perfect dish for summertime!

In total this recipe was only $13.67 to prepare, or $3.42 per serving!

Healthy Eating Tips from Dietitian Meghan

  • Protein Rich – The sunflower seeds and quinoa mean this salad is packed with protein.
  • Added Antioxidants – A healthy number of antioxidants is found in this dish between the parsley, cilantro, kale and olive oil.
  • Digestive Delight – Fiber from the kale, avocado and parsley will aid in digestion.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Rich – Avocados actually have more potassium than bananas, and you’ll also be getting vitamins b6, C, K, A, iron, magnesium, and calcium - all from this one dish!
  • Healthy Fats – Avocado and sunflower seeds provide heart healthy fats. Fats are also harder to break down in the digestive system, which leaves you feeling more full.

Cooking Tips from Chef Michael

  • By folding a piece of kale in half, you can cut it right at the stem and leave yourself with just the delicious part of the green.
  • You can use the entire green onion, including the white and green portions of it. Watch the video to see how Michael cuts it!
  • By zesting the lime before you cut the lime, you can use the entire lime. Plus, the zesting process creates a delicious aroma while you’re cooking.
  • By putting all your veggies and dry stuff in first you’ll have an easier time tossing it. Once tossed well, add in things like olive oil and lime juice.

Farmers Markets in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula

Farmers Market Finds Quinoa and Fresh Herb SaladFrom Calumet to L’Anse to Bruce Crossing there are great farmers markets all over Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Our friends at the Western U.P. Food Systems Collaborative have put together a great resource on this that gets updated regularly. Check out a full list of farmers markets here,

About Biblio Bistro

Biblio Bistory at Portage Lake District LibraryThe Biblio Bistro series strives to show that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring or laborious. Our goal is that by watching this series, participants can feel more confident and curious in the kitchen, all the while increasing fruit and veggie intake and supporting the local food system! Learn more about Biblio Bistro at

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