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September 16, 2021

Biblio Bistro: Slow-Cooked Summer Squash

This episode of Biblio Bistro features Slow-Cooked Summer Squash which highlights fresh summer squash and thyme. Summer squash is usually available at Farmers Markets in mid-to-late summer.


Biblio Bistro - Slow-Cooked Summer Squash


AboutSlow-Cooked Summer Squash

Slow roasting the summer squash/zucchini in this dish allows for delicate and sweet flavors to come out. The lemon and thyme beautifully complement the sweetness of the summer squash. Simple and yet sophisticated!

In total, this recipe was only $9.07 to prepare, or $1.52 per serving!

Healthy Eating Tips from Dietitian Meghan

  • Zucchini/Summer Squash – Zucchini has higher water content than most vegetables. This makes it a hydrating choice for those hot summer days!

Cooking Tips from Chef Michael

  • For the zucchini, you can cut into whatever shapes you’d like. Cutting into small coins would be the quickest method (and looks beautiful!).
  • If able, using a microplane to zest the lemon will speed up the time and avoid any injuries compared to a traditional box grater.
  • While the zucchini is roasted for a longer period of time than traditional recipes, because it’s roasted at a lower temperature  it still holds up some texture!

Farmers Markets in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 1.47.46 PMFrom Calumet to L’Anse there are several great farmers markets in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Our friends at the Western U.P. Food Systems Collaborative have put together a great resource on this that gets updated regularly. Check out a full list of farmers markets here,

About Biblio Bistro

Biblio Bistory at Portage Lake District LibraryThe Biblio Bistro series strives to show that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring or laborious. Our goal is that by watching this series, participants can feel more confident and curious in the kitchen, all the while increasing fruit and veggie intake and supporting the local food system! Learn more about Biblio Bistro at

About Portage Health Foundation’s Food Initiative

PHF Food Initiative Logo Vert CMYKPortage Health Foundation is passionate about making a difference when it comes to food in Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties. PHF’s Food Initiative is two-fold. First, the food initiative aims to improve access to locally grown and healthful foods within our community. Second, it provides educational resources and tools to promote sustainable changes to eating and lifestyle habits for all. Learn more about this initiative at