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July 29, 2020

How to Make the Best Quinoa & Fresh Herb Salad - Biblio Bistro E2

We’re back with episode two of the Biblio Bistro. This episode highlights a delicious salad you can easily replicate at home after a quick stop at any of the Copper Country’s amazing farmers markets. We’ll be making a Quinoa and Fresh Herb Salad.

July 27, 2020

Addiction Never Sleeps

In this episode of the Portage Health Foundation Addiction Series we’ll talk with former addict Nikki Collins, Houghton’s Chief of Police John Donnelly and Dr. Adam Frimodig from UP Health System as we learn about the devastating cycle addiction..

July 19, 2020

The immeasurable cost addiction has on our economy

In the fifth episode of the Portage Health Foundation Addiction Series, we dive into the impact addiction has on our community with the foundation’s executive director Kevin Store. Store’s passion for community and vision on seeing what’s needed..

July 16, 2020

Capturing Kids’ Hearts coming to every Copper Country school

August 14, 2020 Update: Please note that due to complications caused by COVID-19 planning for the reopening of our area schools, only five of the school districts in Michigan's Copper Country will be participating in Capturing Kids’ Hearts training..

July 14, 2020

First Episode of Biblio Bistro Features Chimichurri Sauce

In the first episode of Biblio Bistro, we’ll go through how to make chimichurri sauce. Chef Michael and Dietitian Meghan are big fans of the dish.

“That’s super yummy.” – Chef Michael

“That’s summer in a bite!” – Dietitian Meghan


July 12, 2020

Law Enforcement's Role in Stopping Addiction

Welcome back the Portage Health Foundation Addiction Series. In this episode we’ll hear quite a bit from Houghton Police Chief John Donnelly about the vital role law enforcement plays in addiction. It’s eye opening, and will help you better..

July 10, 2020

Biblio Bistro video series debuting July 14

This summer the Keweenaw is getting a look into what it means to eat local produce with the debut of a new video series, Biblio Bistro. The new cooking show will be available on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook starting July 14 and is a collaboration..

July 7, 2020

Nine incredible projects increasing food access in Western U.P.

Portage Health Foundation (PHF) is proud to announce $37,400 has been awarded between nine projects who responded to the foundation’s Community Gardens request for proposals that was released in January.

“Overall, we are very pleased with this group..

July 5, 2020

The Stigma Around Addiction is Part of the Problem

Through two episodes of Portage Health Foundation’s Addiction Series we’ve learned how serious of an issue addiction is in our community and how the brain controls so much of this issue. In episode three, we’ll dive into why we as a community..

June 28, 2020

The science behind why addiction is like "dancing with the devil"

Welcome back to the Portage Health Foundation’s Addiction Series. In the first episode we heard about how addiction is a serious issue in our community. In this episode we’re going to hear from Nikki Collins on what it was like to be addicted...