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The Portage Health Foundation is proud to present The Addiction Series. In this 13-part series we bring in local experts who work on the front lines of the battle against addiction in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

We talk about what addiction is, how it happens, the many effects it has on the person, their friends and family, and the community as a whole. We’ll also talk about what’s being done to address addiction, offer solutions for those who are struggling or know someone who is, and we’ll help you better understand what you can do to help.

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We have made this series available in a number of places. Below are links you can subscribe to, to make sure you don’t miss any episodes. New episodes will launch each Sunday starting Sunday, June 21, 2020. 

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Resources to fight addiction in Michigan’s Copper Country

Below is a list of local resources available to help you or someone you know through addiction issues. Not sure where to start? We recommend contacting Dial Help. You can do that with a phone call, text message or simply chat live on their website. They are locally staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If this is a medical emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Dial Help

Our professional team of staff and volunteers know that a little support during a difficult time can go a long way. We empower individuals to find solutions and make healthy decisions. Dial Help is here to offer confidential, non-judgmental services for crisis support, mental health, and more. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Phoenix House

Phoenix House has been providing substance abuse treatment services in the Western U.P. since 1973. During this time, many men and women have participated in and found recovery from their addiction through our services. Our goal is to assist each individual with developing the appropriate recovery skills and concepts in order to achieve long-term abstinence and success.

Copper Country Mental Health

It is the mission of Copper Country Mental Health to ensure that appropriate, cost-efficient, and quality behavioral health services are accessible to eligible persons in Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon counties. Copper Country Mental Health Services provides an array of services intended to increase independence, improve quality of life, and support community integration and inclusion of the persons served.

  • 24-hour emergency services, 1-800-526-5059
  • Get started: (906) 482-9404 
  • Learn more,

Great Lakes Recover Centers

Great Lakes Recovery Centers believes that chemical dependency – alcohol or other drug addiction – is a disease that affects individuals, family members, and the community. The treatment of this illness can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals involving the individual, family, and community. It is only through this comprehensive approach that long term recovery is strengthened.

PHF Addiction Series Thanks

Portage Health Foundation is proud to present this 13-part series, but it wouldn’t have been possible without immense help from partners near and dear to our hearts. Below are people we want to acknowledge for helping making this happen.

  • Sarah Blakely, TV6 Morning Co-Host
  • Nikki Collins
  • Rebecca Crane, Dial Help
  • John Donnelly, Houghton Police Department
  • Dr. Adam Frimodig, UP Health System
  • Chelsea Goodreau
  • Mark Maggio, Phoenix House
  • Mark Riutta, Defined Visuals
  • Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette, PHF Board Chair

Donate to PHF

Portage Health Foundation is committed to doing everything in our power to curb addiction in our community. If you want to help this cause, please consider making a donation at

If a donation isn’t in the books from you, please contact us. We’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings and ideas on ways we can address this in our community.

Addiction Series Episodes

Addiction Series Episode 1 Title

Episode 1 - “Addiction” - The Problem

Addiction is something we don’t often talk about, but as we find out in episode 1 of this series, the issue is a very real one in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. 

Episode 1 Guests

  • Rebecca Crane, Dial Help
  • Kevin Store, PHF Executive Director
  • Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette, PHF Board Chair
Watch or Listen to Episode 1, published June 21



Addiction Series Episode 2 Lead Image

Episode 2 - The Brain and Addiction

In this episode we dive into the science of addiction by talking to a doctor who works in this field in our community every day. 

Episode 2 Guests

  • Nikki Collins, a former addict and current business owner
  • Mark Maggio, Executive Director of Phoenix House
  • Dr. Adam Frimodig, UP Health System
Watch or Listen to Episode 2, published June 28



Addiction Series Episode 3 Lead Image

Episode 3 - The Stigma of Addiction

In this episode we discuss why it's important that people stop the stigma associated with addiction to focus on helping people find solutions and a better tomorrow. 

Episode 3 Guests

  • Rebecca Crane, Executive Director at Dial Help
  • Kevin Store, Executive Director Portage Health Foundation
  • Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette, PHF Board Chair
  • Mark Maggio, Executive Director of Phoenix House
  • Nikki Collins, a former addict and current business owner
Watch or Listen to Episode 3, published July 5


Role of Law Enforcement in AddictionEpisode 4 - Role of Law Enforcement

In this episode we hear about the vital role law enforcement plays in addiction. It’s eye opening, and will help you better understand what’s being done to help those in need, even if they don’t realize they are in need of that help.

Episode 4 Guests

  • John Donnelly, Houghton Police Chief
Watch or Listen to Episode 4, published July 12