Portage Health Foundation (PHF) proudly participates in and supports community events. Every sponsorship request is thoroughly reviewed to ensure funding is awarded to activities and events that best serve the community and advance the PHF’s mission. Please note that sponsorship funding is limited and capped at $200.

Grant vs Sponsorship

The PHF routinely receives event sponsorship and small grant requests. While both requests seek financial contributions, the purpose between sponsorships and grants vary. The PHF views event sponsorships as a promotional opportunities/partnerships that allow us to financially support area organizations and groups through events designed to improve the health of the community. Grants are financial contributions the PHF awards to organizations to implement or support new or existing programing, services, or projects. Both sponsorships and grants, serve to advance the health of the community and the PHF’s mission.


We ask that a follow-up summary be sent to the PHF office 30 calendar days after the event for our reporting purposes. We ask that grantees include number of participants, reaction by participants, and outcomes/results of the event.

To apply, please download and/or print the Sponsorship Request Form and return to us at least a month prior to your deadline for funding. (Submission of an application is not an implied guarantee of funding.)